St Aloysius College (Autonomous) organized an Environmental Awareness Programme – VRAKSHANJALI sponsored by STAR College Scheme on 3rd July 2018 in the LCRI Hall. Nadoja Saalumarada Thimmakka was the Chief Guest. Sri Umesha B.N. and Environmentalist Sri Dinesh Holla were the Guests of Honour. Principal, Rev. Dr Praveen Martis S.J. presided over the programme.

During the programme, Nadoja Thimmakka and Sri Umesha B.N. planted saplings in Mother Theresa Peace Park and she inaugurated the “Tissue Culture Avenue” lined by test tube trees developed by the doctoral students of the Laboratory of Applied Biology, St Aloysius College. A documentary on Nadoja Thimmakka was shown by the Department of Journalism. There was a skit on Environment from the students of Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra, Mangaluru under the guidance of Sri Gopadkar. Besides this, Salumarada Thimmakka was honoured during the programme. She shared her life history with the audience and said “We don’t have children so, my husband and I have planted banyan trees on the sides of the road. They have grown up now and give shade to the people. We have been very satisfied with this." If you don’t save the environment, then there is a lot of trouble for tomorrow's generation. She urged the students that one student should plant at least one sapling. She blessed all those who had gathered and praised the college, which has a great deal of concern about the environment. She requested that the college has to arrange more environmental awareness programs. At the end, she sang folk songs and entertained the audience.

Addressing the students, Sri Umesh B.N. urged everyone to emphasize environmental protection. Especially students must take part in environmental conservation. Kottari Commission says that "The Destiny of India is beling shaped within four walls of the classroom." If the college encourages the students with environmental concerns, it can definitely help to make the whole of Mangaluru green. There is no cost for man after death, nothing in the world is eternal. So we want to live without a sense of grievance. Nature is God's gift to man. Nature is destroyed by human greed. We cannot live without wind for a single minute. If we need wind, then trees should be planted. That's why we need to grow trees and plants as much as possible and get air. He added.

Environmentalist Dinesh Holla, who has explained in detail about the Vrakshanjali, and said that one house, must have one tree. Adequate or inadequate environment causes disaster. In such cases, to protect ourselves, we have to protect nature. Environmental awakening images and messages in the media like Facebook and Whatsapp is not the way to protect nature. Instead we have to grow plants and trees. He said the environment should be protected from disasters.

Principal in his presidential remarks stated that “Saalumarada Thimmakka is such a legendary that her personality can be compared with Bharata Ratna. During the speeches we can say “Save Tree Save Earth” but none of us will do it. But Saalumarada Thimmakka made it possible and planted the samplings and fed it like her own children. I feel that we need people like Thimmakka to save environment. The mentality of people is such that they need trees only to get rid of the hot sun or to park their vehicles in the shade. But none of them are interested to plant a single sapling. Suppose if we get shade from a tree, we must thank the person who planted it.”

Registrar, Dr A.M. Narahari, Coordinators, Shilpa B. and Durga Menon were on the dais. Bhavya, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Journalism compered the programme. Dr Narahari welcome the gathering. Durga Menon proposed the vote of thanks. The programme concluded with National Anthem.