Biodiversity Park

The management of St Aloysius College recognises that forests, coasts, waterbodies, ground water and biodiversity are all important prerequisite for life on this planet and sustainable development. 

St. Aloysius College is conscious and committed to the environmental issues with regard to protection, conservation and sustenance of natural resources. Al-Vana is an endeavour to realise such a lofty objective.

Al-vana – an Arboretum – with an expanse of about 1.5 acres is maintained as a mini biodiversity spot on the campus. 
The essence of conservation is based on three principles reduce reuse and recycle. Al-Vana is a micro forest spread over 1.5 acres which is maintained with natural flora and fauna. More than 100 plant species are available out of which nearly fifty endangered tree species of western Ghats region are preserved. 

The entire college is involved in the go green project. Students of bio science departments have labeled most of the flora of the campus and Al-Vana.  

Organic waste is managed efficiently through vermitechnology programme. Segregation of plastic waste is being done with the name of recycling plastic. Efforts are made to control carbon dioxide by maintaining clean green pollution free campus. Al-vana  serves as a focus for reforestation and soil conservation efforts in the area.