The world renowned paintings in the college chapel attract thousands of foreign and domestic tourists. The college museum with rare collections is an added attraction. The St Aloysius Chapel, built in 1885 by Rev Father Joseph Willy, is a replica of world renowned Sistine Chapel at Rome. 

The renowned “St Aloysius College Chapel” adorned with century old paintings on walls and ceiling is a stimulus to students of all religious denominations to imbibe the spiritual values of introspection, interiority, meditation and prayer. 
The Chapel of the College is a tourist attraction in Mangalore. It is known for the unique murals and frescos by Italian Bro. Moscheni, who painted this St. Aloysius Chapel between 1899 - 1901. 

Whenever a cruise lands in Mangalore port, visitors from other countries make a visit to the chapel. The Chapel has a guide who explains the details of the paintings.