Inauguration of the ALCHEMY Association

The inauguration of the ALCHEMY Association of the PG Department of Chemistry was held on 26th July 2019 at Robert Sequeira Hall, LCRI Block.

Eminent Green Technologist, Prof. Radha V. Jayaram, Institute of Technology, Mumbai was the Chief Guest. Principal, Rev. Dr Praveen Martis SJ presided over the programme. Dr Richard Gonsalves, Director of LCRI Block, Dr Ronald Nazareth theHead of the Department, MsPreema Cealla Pais, the President of ALCHEMY Association, Apoorva S. and  Premie Fernandes, Secretaries of ALCHEMY Association were present on the dais.

Prof. Radha, in her inaugural address gave a lot of insights about Chemistry. She said that Chemistry is a study of matter of hundreds of elements.It not only helps students to discover the potential within them but also helps them to think creatively. She highlighted the fact that the Chemistry is within us and we must discover it. Meanwhile it is a multi-disciplinary subject and many students should take up research in chemistry as their career.She invited the students to respond to the global needs by developing their research strategies and not just act locally through a slogan “Think globally and not locally”. She suggested the students to develop new skills as there will be a lot of options in chemistry.She also explained the different opportunities in chemistry and encouraged students not only to become job seekers but also job providers.

Rev. Dr Praveen Martis, in his presidential remarks said that, by opting chemistry, changes can be brought in both at the individual and global level. One can get more and more ideas in Chemistry that could be transformed into action by involving actively in research. He suggested the students to explore all the possibilities of research in chemistry and think differently thus facilitating the changes in the society.

Preema Cealla Pais welcomed the gathering. Dr Divya N. Shetty introduced the guests. Premie Fernandes, Joint secretary of Alchemy proposed the vote of thanks. Rachana compered the programme.