Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness: Developing Holistic Integrated Individuals

The College follows the Jesuit educational paradigm which:

Sees life and the whole universe as a gift, calling forth wonder and gratitude Gives ample scope to imagination and emotion as well as the intellect

Seeks to find the divine in all things - in all peoples and cultures, in all areas of study and learning and in every human experience

Cultivates a critical awareness of personal and social evil but points to God's love as more powerful than any evil

Stresses freedom, need for discernment and responsible action

Empowers people to become leaders in service, men and women for and with others, whole persons of solidarity, building a more just and humane world

Promoting academic excellence:

  • The College has been enriched by the presence and interactions of several distinguished personalities like Bharat Ratna recipient Prof. C. N. R. Rao, Padma vibhushan awardee Dr K Kasturirangan, Padmashree awardee Anant Agarwal.
  • The College has entered into about 71 MoUs with National and International institutions of eminence for exchange programmes which have ensured global exposure to the staff and students
  • The College offers several programmes at the certificate, diploma, postgraduate diploma, vocational, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in Humanities & Social Sciences, Physical & Biological Sciences, Commerce & Management, Computer Science Applications and Animation
  • The College has qualified faculty and state-of-the-art laboratories
  • The College has excellent libraries with more than 1.5 Lakh books
  • The Institution offers 20 postgraduate programmes
  • For Peek Performers, the College gives coaching for competitive examinations such as JAM, Civil Services, CAT, MAT, etc.
  • Scholarships: Management scholarships are given to economically backward meritorious students
  • Skill development, personality development and language proficiency along with academics are given emphasis
  • 123 add on programmes are offered to students
  • Webinars, workshops and seminars give academic input to the students and the faculty
  • Internships, project work and     research projects develop creative thinking and innovation among the students
  • Innovation Day and Incubation Centre promote creativity and start up orientation in the students

Physical development of the students:

  • The College has extensive playgrounds and facilities to excel in sports and games.
  • The NCC has all three wings - Army, Navy and Air wings. Other associations such as NSS, Youth Red Cross, CLC, AICUF with their regular service activities help the students to develop physical endurance, team spirit and punctuality. Compulsory Yoga and health and wellness promote physical endurance among the students
  • Swimming Pool and 3 multi gym facilities give ample scope for the students to develop their physical fitness

Spiritual development:

  • Value Education is imparted in the first 4 semesters along with Constitution, Gender Equity, Human Rights and Environmental Studies
  • The 2 day programmes - SPOORTHY and PRAGATHI are intended to help improve the overall development of the students
  • The approach of the College has been one of ‘celebrating diversities and differences’ and this value has been constantly driven home during the inter-religious prayers, retreats and celebration of festivals
  • All religious festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Eid and other major occasions are meaningfully observed in the Campus with gaiety and fervour
  • Respect for the ‘other’ has been the bedrock of the Aloysian tradition

Co-curricular and extracurricular activities:

  • The College has 37 non statutory and 09 statutory associations at the UG level and 22 associations at the PG level to showcase the skills and talents of the students in various fields. The performance and participation in these activities have been made mandatory and an integral part of the curricular aspects displayed in their attainment credentials. The statutory associations such as the NCC, NSS, Youth Red Cross, Heritage Club, Sports & Games, Rovers & Rangers have been adding enormous value to the graduate outcomes of the curriculum and the Campus culture of the Institution

 Nurturing Social and Environmental Concern:

  • The Vision and the Mission of the College lays thrust on social consciousness. Only a compassionate and empathetic person can be instrumental in the inclusive development of society
  • The College has created a separate Centre for Social Concern (CSC), which regulates, monitors and promotes social empowerment activities.
  • Each undergraduate student has to fulfil social service activity as specified for 20 hours in each of the first two years. The programme is titled ‘SAHAAYA’
  • Postgraduate students have to spend a minimum one week in a remote village selected for this purpose under the ‘Rural Immersion Programme’ staying with families accompanied by the teachers
  • Staff and students are sensitized towards environmental issues through regular orientation programmes under the Centre for Environmental Concern.
  • Students participate in community development activities and are trained to take care of the environment. The Indian Constitution, Human Rights, Gender Equity, Environmental Science and Value Education are all part of the curriculum
  • Radio Sarang 107.8 FM, the Community Radio reaches out to the surrounding areas of Mangaluru for 16 hours a day in four different local languages through several programmes promoting and spreading awareness on local culture, language, health and hygiene, the economic and social aspects of life

Life skill training

  • Intra-college festivals such as UTSAV for UG and SANGAM for PG promote budding artists and showcase the talents of the students.
  • The Mega National Aloysian Fest has 7 different fests which help in improving the organizational skills among the students. Competitions such as Aloysius Got talent, Aloysian Dance League and Aloysian Theatre League help in developing art and culture.


In summary, the Institution has made consistent efforts to keep itself abreast of the contemporary context, constantly qualifying its Vision and Mission to respond to the needs and challenges of the times. At the centre of all the endeavours are the students, whose integral development into persons who are academically accomplished, emotionally balanced, morally upright, socially responsible, ecologically sensitive and professionally committed, provides meaning and justification for the existence and continuation of St Aloysius College.


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