DBT-BUILDER Project entitled “Bioprospecting of marine macroalgae for value added products from the Dakshina Kannada - Udupi Coast” 

Duration : 5 years. Amount Sanctioned: Rs.2,20,51,560/- Sanctioned date: 11-03-2022

Project Investigators:

Dr Asha Abraham
Project Coordinator,
Associate Professor, Biotechnology
Dr Lyned Dafny Lasrado
Assistant Professor and HOD
Dr Raghavendra S. N.
Assistant Professor and HOD,
Food Science and Technology
Dr Shashi Kiran Nivas
Associate Professor





STRIDE Component -1(UGC)

Project titled “Evaluation of the origins, Evolution and Perceptions of Cultural Diversities of Coastal Karnataka and their Impact on the Social, Political and Religious Identities of the People of the Region”

Duration: 3 years.  Amount Sanctioned:  Rs.84,50,000/- Sanction date:21-01-2020


Dr Alwyn D’Sa
Registrar, Associate Professor of English


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