Minor Research Projects Completed

An executive summary of the final report of work done on the Minor Research Project of Dr Shashi Kiran "TO EVALUATE THE BIOFUEL POTENTIAL OF LOCAL ALGAL ISOLATES" Pdf
An executive summary of the final report of work done on the Minor Research Project of Ms Jeshma Nishitha DSouza entitled "AN EFFECTIVE STUDY ON IRIS RECOGNITION SYSTEM USING DIFFERENT IMAGE ANALYSIS ALGORITHM", sanctioned by UGC, vide sanction letter No. 2105-MRP/15-16/KAMA002/UGC-SWRO Dated 31-MAR-2016. Pdf
"Effectiveness and Impact of e-governance in local bodies-with special reference to land records management system." Pdf
By: By Sathish Nayak

“The New Age Disney Princesses: Attempting Gender Sensitisation” Pdf
By: Dr Melisa Maryann Goveas

“Problems& Challenges Of Talent  Retention In Banking  Sector And Its Impact  On Productivity-Comparative  Analysis Of  Public And Private  Sector Banks  In Mangalore  Dakshina  Kannada” Pdf
By: Ms Swapna Rose

"Isolation and Characterisation of gut microbiota involved in Metabolic Syndrome” Pdf
By: Ms. Sushma Patrao

Domestic Violence Against Women Among Christian Community: A Case Study Of Mangalore. Pdf
By: Ms. Prema Dsouza 

The growth and challenges faced by Tulu plays in Mangalore: A study of the industry and an audience perspective. Pdf
By: Ms. Bhavya Shetty

A study on Working capital management in Campco ltd. Pdf
By: Mr. Manoj Dyson Fernandes

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and Women Empowerment-A case study of Meenja Grama Panchayath. Pdf
By: Ms Maria Shaila D Souza

E – TAILING – A study on consumer behaviour and its impact on retailing in mangalore taluk. Pdf
By: Claret Vinaya Pereira 

A study on customer perception, exception and satisfaction towards shopping malls in Bangalore and Mangalore. Pdf
By: Ms Mamatha 

Evaluation of Vermicompost from intercropping residue using Eudrilus euginiae. Pdf
By: Dr Anita D D Lima  

Assessment of Phyto-Ingredients for the Preparation of Natural Health Drink. Pdf
By: Dr. S N Raghavendra

Characterisation and Physical Properties of Polymer Blends and Composites. Pdf
By: Naveen Mascarenhas

A Study on Financial Inclusion through Micro-Finance on Self Help Groups in Mangalore, Karnataka Pdf
By: Ms Harinakshi

Socio Economic Impact of Financial Inclusion on Below Poverty Line Households in Mangalore Pdf
By:Ms Maria Rodrigues

Study of the radiation levels in the underground water samples from various places in
the districts of Mangalore, Udupi and Kasaragod. Pdf

By: Dr. A Sridhar

Application of graph coloring and labeling in Cryptography. Pdf
By: Mr Denzil Saldanha

Evaluation of Vermicompost from intercropping residue using Eudrilus euginiae. Pdf
By: Ms Anita D D Lima

Synthesis, Characterisation, Electrochemical and Biological studies of Some Schiff base complexes of quinoline-3-Carbaldehyde with transition metal ions.  Pdf
By:Ms Jenice Jean Goveas

Students’ Uses and Gratifications of Newspaper, Television and the Internet: A Comparative Study. Pdf
By: Dr Melwyn S Pinto

Impact of WTO on spices; with special reference to pepper and cardamom. Pdf
By: Ms Raziya M   

Evaluate the role of Norepinephrine in leptin production and secretion in vitro. Pdf
By: Dr. Asha Abraham

Problems and prospects of women cooperatives in dairy sector -A study in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts. Pdf
By: Ms. Chethana B

Effectiveness of Leadership Training Programme toYouth – An Experimental Study on Youth of Southern India”. Pdf
By: Ms. Shwetha Rasquinha

Nutritional Evaluation and Determination of Phytochemical Activity of members of Cucurbitaceae – A Comparative Study. Pdf
By: Dr. Shreelalitha Suvarna J

Effectiveness in Training Need Identification & in Training Implementation by the Corporate Retail Outlets. Pdf
By:Mr Lohith Shetty

Socio Economic Impact of Financial Inclusion on Below Poverty Line Households in Mangalore. Pdf
By: Ms. Maria Rodrigues

Karavali Karnatakada Kadambarigalalli Pradeshikathe. Pdf
By: Ms. Sudha Kumari K

Production of fuel from banana agro waste. Pdf
By: Mr Melwyn Gregory Sequeira

Impact of Physiacl Activity on Academic Performance of School Children -A Study in Mangalore Taluk, Karnataka. Pdf
By:Ms Smitha Pereira

Municipality developmental schemes and their contribution towards the development of Udupi City-A study from the year 2009 to 2014. Pdf 
By: Mr Datta Kumar

An investigation into movie viewing preferences of late teens Pdf
By: Ms Jayalakshmi Alva  

The Works of Joachim Alvares, V.J.P. Saldanha and Charles Francis D’Costa: A Gender Study. Pdf
By: Dr Sylvia Rego

By: Dr Dennis Fernandes

By: Ms.Bhavya D K

A Study on Cost benefit analysis and Future perspective of rubber cultivation in Dakshina Kannada Pdf
By: Mr Rojer K M

Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Silanols Derivatives and Study of their Biological and Catalytic Activity Pdf
By: Aviva Maria F D’Souza

Myco Elicitors of Plant Secondary Metabolities. Pdf
By: Mr. S. Harsha Paul

Separation Characterization and Biological Studies of Phytochemicals Present in Millingtonia Hortensis. Pdf
By: Ms Anupama R Mallya

A study on Wireless Body Area Network of Intelligent motion sensors for computer           Assisted physical rehabilitation. Pdf
By: Rashmi

A Critical Investigation Into Voluntary Organizations Approaches To Women Empowerment In Dakshina Kannada District. Pdf
By: Ms Aswita Shalet D’Souza

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of some Amides and Sulfonamides. Pdf
By: Dr. Vinola Zeena Rodrigues

Synthesis and Characterization of some 1,4-Substituted 1,2,3- Triazoles by using Green Chemistry Methods. Pdf
By: Dr. John Deepak D’Souza

Microwave assisted synthesis of heterocyclic compounds containing oxygen and sulphur atoms- A green approach. Pdf
By: Divya N Shetty

An Effective Comparison of Different Multimodal Biometric Recognition System for Secure Person Authentication Using Score – Level Fusion Approach. Pdf
By: A Vanaja

Cell Nucleus Segmentation Of Skin Tumor Using Image Prcessinng. Pdf
By: Nausheeda B S

Separation, Characterisation and Estimation of Benzopyrene in Various Sources and Preparation of Water Soluble Benzopyrene-Metal Based Complexes. Pdf
By: Mr Joel Cornelio

Isolation, Purification and Characterization of L-Asparaginnase. Pdf
By: Renita Maria D’Souza

Corporate Talent Management Strategies: An exploratory Approach. Pdf
By: Justine-James

Growth and contribution of Industries in the border areas of Kerala-Karnataka. Pdf
By: Paul D’souza

Anthim dashak (2001-2010) ke Hindi upnayasome me rashtravada aur visha vadh. Pdf
By: Dr. Mukund Prabhu

In vivo comparative study of antidiabetic effect of a Trigonella foenum-graecum Seed and Leaf Extract on Alloxan induced Diabetic Wistar Rats. Pdf
By: Mr Shreejesh P C

Socio Economic Study of Hotel and Restaurant Workers in Dakshina Kannada District. Pdf
By: Ms. Jennifer Maria Quadras

Managing Work family Conflict for better Human Resource Management- A study of Dual Career Couples in the Indian Context. Pdf
By: Ms Rajani Suresh

An evaluation of the role of district industrial center in Enterprise Development Programme and promotion of SME’s in Dakshina kannada. Pdf
By: Mr. Sonal Steevan Lobo

Some Investigations on the Physical Properties of Polymer Doped Organic Materials for Nonlinear Applications. Pdf
By: Mr. Chandrashekhar Shetty

Road Infrastructure in the development of an economy – A case study of Mangalore City. Pdf
By: Ms. Shobha

Synthesis of Biologically Important Some Novel. Pdf
By: Dr. Jyothi Rao

Economic and Psychological Limits of the Intergenerational Transfer of Rice Based Farming System in Kerala. Pdf
By:Dr. P P Sajimon

Microwave Assisted Synthesis Of Heterocyclic Compounds Containing Nitrogen And Sulphur Atoms- A Green Approach.  Pdf
By: Ms Dimple Meressa Pinto

Conflict Management Styles of Academicians: An Empirical Study of Mangalore Business Schools. Pdf
By: Ms. Sumitha P.V

Role of Logistics and Supply Chain in Disaster Management: With Respect to Indian Context. Pdf
By: Mr. Ravi Kudtarkar

Electrodeposition and characterization of nanostructured zinc-nickel alloy: correlation between corrosion and dielectric properties. Pdf
By:Dr. Pavithra G P

An empirical study on brand switching of cosmetics among youth in mangalore, karnataka. Pdf
By: Dr. Rowena Wright

An examination of measures for financial inclusion introduced by banks in mangalore dakshina kannada district. Pdf
By: Dr. Beena Dias

Status of Women Journalists in Malayalam Media Organizations. Pdf
By:Ms. Juby Thomas

A Concordance of Rathnakara Varni’S Bharathesha Vaibhava. Pdf
By: Dr Saraswathi Kumari K

Immune modulation of brain function in cancer model: a study at the physiological, neural and behavioural levels. Pdf
By:Mr. Hari Prasad Shetty

A Collection of Folktales from ‘Are Kannada Bashe’   and ‘Are  Kannada Bashe’ words Dictionary. Pdf
By: Dr. Vishwanatha Badikana

Translation of Bipradas into English. Pdf

Bioactive peptides from Milk, Fish and Plant. Pdf
By: Ms Shwetha Rao

Return migration and occupational choice: The case of return migrants from the middle east in Mangalore taluk . Pdf
By: Dr Norbert Lobo

A Study  on socio-economic condition of unorganized employees of business enterprises  In   Dakshina Kannada District. Pdf
By:Mr. Shakin Raj

Women Participation In Local Bodies: A Study In Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka. Pdf
By:Ms Florin Shelomith Soans

Awareness of health programmes of the Government for women: A case study of Mangalore. Pdf
By: Ms Priya S setty

A Study on the impact of quality antecedents on individual taxpayer’s adoption of e-filing in Dakshina Kannada. Pdf
By: Ms Malavika-Catharine

Opinion Mining – Root cause monitoring the social System which keeps track of weak points in rural Areas of Mangalore and Udupi districts. Pdf
By: Dr. Vincent Mascarenhas

Impact on industrialization on soil fertility. Pdf
By:  Ms Deepa Vasanth

Meharunnisa Parvez kruth SAMARANGAN Upanyas ek adhyayan. Pdf
By:  Mr. Mahabubali A. Nadaf

In vivo Antiangiogenesis and Tumor Suppressive Property of Thiazole Acetamide Derivatives. Pdf
By:  Dr.Madhu LN

Taxonomical and tissue culture studies of fe,rns of udupi and dakshina kannada districts. Pdf
By:  Ms. Rajani Nayak

Evaluation of the interrelationship between thyroid function and metabolic syndrome in suitable animal models. Pdf
By:  Ms. Swarnalatha B.N.

Employee Stress and its Impact on Organisational Effectiveness: A Comparative study of the employees of Retail and Insurance sector in Dakshina Kannada District. Pdf
By:  Coral Jasmine Barboza

Women and Children Rag pickers of Mangalore City : Causes and consequences. Pdf
By:  Elias Gerald D’Silva

Studies on Optical and Electrical properties of doped non linear optical L-Arginine Phosphate (LAP) NLO single crystals. Pdf
By:  Dr.Narayana Moolya.B

Services, Coverage and Service Satisfaction of Employee State Insurance Corporation with reference to Dakshina Karnataka. Pdf
By:  Ms Chitra S

Effect of 8MeV Electron Irradiation on Optical and Electrical properties of metal ion doped TriglycineSulphate single crystals. Pdf
By:  Dr Jayaprakash Gowda

Effectiveness Of Information Education And Communication (IEC) On The Role Of Eco Health in Prevention Of Mosquito Borne Diseases Among Women Of Selected Communities Of Mangalore Urban Area. Pdf
By:  Dr Loveena Lobo

Text Classification using symbolic data analysis. Pdf
By:  Ms Sangeetha N

Assessment of Beliefs & Practices among Families with Mental Illness & Effectiveness of Education in Selected Communities of Mangalore Rural Areas. Pdf
By:  Mr Roshan Monteiro

Problems and Prospects of Carbon Credit in Dakshina Kannada – A study with reference to industries in Mangalore. Pdf
By:  Mr Avinash

Occurrence and distribution of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AM fungi) in coastal sand dune legume vegetation of Dakshina Kannada in relation to soil and soil parameters. Pdf
By:  Dr Melwyn D’ Cunha SJ

Job Satisfaction among Government Higher Primary School teachers. Pdf
By:  Ms. Vidya Vinutha D’Souza

Study of Growth of Amino Acid based crystals for NLO applications. Pdf
By:  Dr. Narayan Bhat

Unique Metro Domination. Pdf
By:  Mr. John Sherra

Synthesis and crystal Structure determination of Chalcone Derivatives. Pdf
By: Dr. Prakash Kamath

Spiritual and Ethical Dilemmas in business  A case study of Medium and Small Scale industries in Mangalore. Pdf
By: Ms. Zeena Flavia D’souza

Synthesis, Spectral Characterisation, Electrochemical and Microbial studies of Some Schiff base complexes with transition element cations. Pdf
By: Ms. Racheal-Nathasha

A Study on Awareness of Child Mental Health Problems among Teachers in South Canara District. Pdf
By: Ms. Deena D’Souza

Synthesis, Characterisation And Properties Of Polymer Blends Of Chitosan With Nylon 6,6 And Polyisobutylene. Pdf
By: Ms. Nandini Shet

Synthesis and Characterisation Of biodegradable Polymer Blends With enhanced mechanical and electrical properties. Pdf
By: Ms Ashwini

Evaluation of anti-diabetic activity of the stem extracts of coscinium fenestratum. Pdf
By: Mr. Santhosh Wilson  Goveas

Common Mistakes in Pronunciation: A Study of Mother Tongue Influence Among the
English Speakers of Dakshina Kannada. Pdf

By: Mr. Jockim D’ Silva

A study of grammatical competence and fluency: A comparison between rural based and urban based students. Pdf
By: Ms. Severine Pinto

Tests for Equality of Coefficients of variation for Correlated Samples. Pdf
By: Ms. Aruna Kalkura

Women family and employment in ITES sector: A Study with reference to IT companies in Mangalore District”. Pdf
By: Ms. Shamin Elizabeth Issac

Modern Banking Services: A Study on Customer Perception and Behaviour. Pdf
By: Ms. Suchitra

Large retail malls in Mangalore:A study on Consumer Behavior. Pdf
By: Caroleena Janefer

Effect of Modern Technology on the Standard of English in Today’s world. Pdf
By: Mr.Anup Denzil Veigas

Characterization of Laterite Stones and Construction
Materials Using Gamma Backscattering Technique. Pdf

By: Dr. Ravindra Swamy K.

Indian Campus Novels: An emerging educational and Social reformer. Pdf
By: Sarah Nirmala Muliyal

Adhunik Mahila Upanyaskaro ke upanyaso me stri vimarsh. Pdf
By: Dr. V.J.Carlo

Social Empowerment by NGOs. Pdf
By: Dr. Suresh Poojary

Chemical and microbiological characteristics of ground water of Mangalore city. Pdf
By: Dr. Ronald Nazareth

Changing status of English: A sociolinguistic study of Dakshina Kannada. Pdf
By: Dr. Alwyn V D’Sa

Psycho social impact if cancer on the family members. Pdf
By: Ms. Shwetha Rasquinha

Biochemical and phytochemical investigation of ophiorrhiza rugosa and its medicinal properties (antioxidant, antimicrobial, cytotoxicity and genotoxicity properties). Pdf
By: Ms. Bhavya D K

Degradation of Surfactant in Detergent by Soil Bacteria. Pdf
By: Ms. Sushma Patrao

Studies on the effect of Avocado extract on lipid metabolism on Murine model system. Pdf
By: Avila D’Silva

Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals using Brassica juncea and Nephrolepis sps. Pdf
By: Dr. Smitha Hegde

Using Popular Films as Text in English Language Teaching. Pdf
By: Girish N

Effect of Industrial Effluents on River Water at Mangalore. Pdf



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