Aloysian Culture

  • The approach of the College towards the educational process is multipronged. 

Established in 1880, St Aloysius College prides itself in its history of 140 years. Thousands of students who have passed through the portals of this institution have rendered outstanding service to humankind not only in India but across the globe.  Despite its status as a minority institution, the college has imparted high quality education to all sections of society regardless of caste, colour or creed.  The motto of the college, “Lucet et Ardet” which means “shine to enkindle” has inspired countless students to become men and women with and for others and thus bring light and joy into the lives of people.  It is for this reason that Jesuit education has become a touchstone for evolving new paradigms in higher education.

St Aloysius College belongs to a network of educational institutions administered by the members of the Society of Jesus, a religious order which runs schools, colleges and universities in more than 105 countries in the world.  The members of the Order, popularly known as Jesuits, have acquired a reputation for excellence in the quality of education. The “magis”, the Jesuit word for relentless pursuit of excellence, was the formula that prompted the Jesuits and their students to engage in innovative research and discovery in the fields of science, mathematics, astronomy, geographic explorations, study of languages.

  • The College strives to scale up classroom learning by conducting conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures by experts, project work, internship, field visits and industrial visits.

  • Industry – Academia interaction and MoUs with corporate sectors and research institutions have ensured that students obtain best possible exposure to multiple learning experiences.  

  • The Courses at the Undergraduate level are credit based while at the PG level it is under Choice Based Credit System.  

  • Utmost attention is paid to infuse an ideal mix of intellectual and skill acquisition component while designing the syllabus.  

  • The Courses are designed taking global competencies as a frame of reference. Post graduate departments offer interdisciplinary papers.  


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