Campus Ministry

We don’t just teach rather we educate students. Education is much broader than mere teaching.
We need to help our wards not just to acquire knowledge but to face life. Facing life with ups
and downs is a great challenge and that requires preparation.

Life becomes lighter if one has learnt the skill of balancing everything. In this process the spiritual as well as human values imparted in our youngsters during their adolescent age can be a rich return.
Every educational institution has the role of formation and transformation of the students.

The Christian institutions and especially Jesuit Institutions throughout the world have been carrying out this task through Campus Ministry.

The main focus of Campus Ministry is cultivating Faith dimension especially among the catholic students. But at St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), the Campus Ministry caters to the needs of all.

For the Catholic students every week there are classes on Bible. But we see that all students become better humans and for that reason we have value education classes organized for all the students under the guidance of campus ministry. To foster harmony among all our students we hold Inter- religious prayer services and seminars. 

Festivals of different religions are respected and celebrated. The campus ministry team plans out
and executes the staff and student orientation programme held at the beginning of the year.

All the students have a benefit of attending either a Retreat or Skill Development Programme called
“Spoorthi” and “Pragathi” which is ably coordinated by of Campus Ministry team with the help
of the college staff and outside resource persons.

During the academic year, Christmas Inter-faith Meeting, Christmas celebration with underprivileged children, prayer services, confessions and masses on different occasions and several other activities have been organized by our active and zealous campus ministry members.

Following members constituted the Campus Ministry team for the year 2017-18:

Campus Minister: Rev Fr Alphonse Fernandes SJ
Program co-ordinator: Mr Anup Denzil Veigas

Campus Ministry Members:

 Rev Dr Melwyn S Pinto SJ
 Dr Alwyn DSa
 Dr Manuel Tauro
 Ms Precilla D’Silva
 Mr Lawrence Pinto
 Dr Richard Gonsalves
 Mr Naveen Mascarenhas
 Ms Jenice Jean Goveas
 Dr Rose Veera D’Souza
 Mr Paul D’Souza
 Mr Roshan Monteiro
 Mr Alwin D’Souza
 Ms Renita C Menezes
 Ms Jeshma D’Souza
 Mr Santhosh Wilson Goveas
 Mr Manuel Souza
 Ms Sarita Crasta
 Dr Lyned Dafney Lasrado
 Mr Aravind Kispota
 Mr Joel Melrick Fernandes
 Mr Sonal Steevan D’Souza
 Mr Royal Praveen D’Souza
 Ms Vinola
 Mr Nelson
 Dr Vinola Rodrigues


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