Counselling Services

Counselling Services are provided to students and parents. Students may seek help from the counsellors for a variety of concerns including: surviving in college, improving relationship with family, friends, room-mates, making important decisions about one’s personal life, dealing with painful feelings like loneliness, depression etc. Absolute confidentiality will be maintained regarding counseling services. Students will have to meet their respective counselors on a regular basis.
The Counsellors are also called as the “Professional Listeners” ensure a holistic well-being of students for a fulfilling humane existence. Themission is to achieve enhanced mental health, so that students are emotionally balanced, academically accomplished and socially integrated through the prevention and professional intervention.
To reach out to maximum number of students, having Mental health or otherwise, the College management has appointed 6 counsellors, and they work in different  blocks of the colleges and for different departments.  

Activities of the Cell:

  • Conduct programmes of awareness on Mental Health
  • Identify students in need of Psychological and Emotional support: through student mapping, from the attendance shortage, from backlogs, from behavioral issues referred by the staff. 
  • Equip the students with coping strategies and life skills
  • Provide professional listening and interventions through individual and group counselling. 
  • Help the students to have healthy intra and inter personal relationships.
  • Conduct workshops/talks/Sessions for all students in general, by the Experts on various mental health issues. 
  • Conduct for students therapeutic counselling
  • Refer the students in need of psychiatric treatment, to the Psychiatrist
  • Conduct family counselling.
  • Meet and discuss the cases weekly or monthly basis

Ms Jennifer Ida Mascarenhas
Counsellor & Dean of Extension Services
MSW, MSc in Counselling Therapy, MA (Sociology)

Mr Shimil P V
M.A., M.Phil, NET

Ms Sweedal Daphne DSouza
M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

Ms Daya Mary Varghese
M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology

Ms Mariyam Busthana
M.Sc. (Psychology)

Mr Akhil K
M.Sc., M.Phil.


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