Principals Message about COVID-19 Lockdown

Dear Parents and Aloysians,


At the very outset, I would like to send you warm greetings from the College. We are going through an unprecedented global predicament today. Each one of us and the entire world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic; our economy, our families, communities and our entire way of life are adversely affected by the scare of infection and contagion. I would like to share your anxiety and preoccupations and express my solidarity with you and your family. As we, Jesuits at St Aloysius College just concluded our week-long Retreat, we have prayed for you and your families; for your safety and health. In these difficult and anxious   times I wanted to reach out to you and update you how we, at St Aloysius College (Autonomous), would like to approach and deal with the prevailing ambiguous context. 


To begin with, I request all of you to place on record the brave hearts who have been working tirelessly putting at risk their own life, all the volunteers, health professionals all over the world. Their selfless service is commendable. Let us in spirit wish and pray for all people who have been affected by the virus directly and indirectly. We, at St Aloysius, are concerned about the health and safety of our students, staff and their families and friends.

Dear parents, as you know, as the government announced the nation-wide lockdown we closed down the College talking a serious note of the impact the spread of the virus would make on the people, especially our students and their families. It is heartening to hear that our students reached the safety of their homes before the situation became challenging to handle.


 I request you to keep your wards at home till an official intimation is sent from the College via the College Website along with the date of re-joining. Till this official intimation, you are advised to ensure that the students revise their courses for the End Semester Examinations.


My dear Students, keeping in mind your health and wellbeing, I request you not to risk travelling to College campus unnecessarily till the official intimation from the College authorities. We also would like to assure you that your future prospects and careers are also our immediate priority. The College authorities and the staff (teaching and non-teaching) has made plans to conduct the End Semester Examinations as soon as the lockdown is officially lifted by the government without causing inconvenience and ensure that the results of the final year students are declared without delay. 


We will keep you informed about the College procedures regarding classes and examinations in the College Website and through official messages from the IQAC well in advance. I would like to warn you against fake communications that might reach you claiming to be from the College. You are advised to contact the relevant authorities of the College to ascertain the veracity of any such communication.  It is heartening to see that the calamity has connected all of us like never before.


Our talented and ever-willing –to- work staff, both teaching and non-teaching, have been showing their care and concern for the College and students, working from home preparing notes and engaging classes online for the benefit of students. I appreciate their concern for the students and commitment to academics. They have been lending their hand in crucial administrative duties by going beyond the call of duty to meet the deadlines, keep the campus clean and green. I would like to acknowledge their commitment and care for the institution.


This is the moment we are called to be our best selves in tune with the vision and mission of St Aloysius to be men and women for and with others leading a life of patience, empathy and compassion. The virus has prompted all of us to gain a heightened self-awareness. I am sure all of us have been practising social distancing, physical distancing and coming together on social media for mutual morale boosting conversations and sharing. This is the best way to counter the pandemic.

Stay home; Stay safe!

Yours in Aloysius,

Rev. Dr Praveen Martis, SJ



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